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More than a decade ago, in the Muskoka town of Huntsville, I began a small store called Veranda to offer a variety of items I’d selected to enhance the appearance of peoples’ homes, indoors and out. I had no idea how Veranda would do, but things took off – people really liked my collection of furniture, furnishings, art, and artifacts – and soon my store filled three floors in a historical building downtown.

Customers told me they liked my Collection because it was not what they could find anywhere else. I remained active attending trade shows and sourcing new lines and quality products, from local artisans, Canadian manufacturers, as well as products from abroad. Business continued to grow, but not in a way I’d ever imagined.

More and more, customers wanted me to see their homes – from modest cottages to spectacular homes, sometimes newly built houses, or condominiums needing refurbishing, once even a farm house. I always started with their budget, then worked with their own tastes and preferences to ensure that the tables and chairs, carpets and drapes, paintings and lamps, beds and tapestries, and so on, meshed with their ability to pay and their long-term enjoyment of their personal living space. Demand for my consulting and sourcing services spread to Toronto, southern Ontario, across Canada, and into the United States – thanks to the connection people from all these places have with vacationland Muskoka.

I loved my store and I treasured working with people at their homes, but having moved to Bracebridge from Huntsville  and unable to clone myself, I had to choose. On December 31, 2013 I closed the door of Veranda in Huntsville. Less than a year later, I missed having a shop and meeting new customers, so I opened a new shop at 24 Manitoba St. in downtown Bracebridge, Ontario.  The building is gorgeous and used to belong to the Bracebridge chapter of the Odd Fellows. In April of 2015, I finished renovating their meeting hall on the second floor and Veranda opened a new upstairs showroom in the historic building.

With the success of the Lodge, I wanted to do more. The entire experience left a desire to continue renovating and improving the downtown core, so, I bought the adjoining empty building and expanded once more in June of 2016. The new building allowed us to open two new floors at Veranda, each with their own look. We now have four galleries at Veranda, each hosting a full collection of furnishings and accessories for everyone: Home, Lodge, Cottage, and Retreat. Make sure you tell us your favourite part next time you visit!

I look forward to seeing you at the new store!

Elise Boyer
Owner, Veranda Collection




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 Veranda in the Media



Labour of Love

Sometimes small ventures lead to big adventures. Just ask Elise Boyer, owner and principal decorator at Veranda, a stunning twobuilding, four-showroom home furnishings, art, and accessories store located in downtown Bracebridge. Now housed in a historic Muskoka building at 24 Manitoba Street, Veranda began as a straightforward retail endeavour in Huntsville fifteen years ago...

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Our Homes

Enhancing The View

By Charlene Peck

Successful Builder Decorator teams share a vision. When the building site is on Viewpoint Trail, finding that common outlook is simplified.

"My wife found the propert and we'd always wanted to do a spec," exlpains Darcy Sheppard. He and his wife, Heather own Sheppard Construction and both have an ...

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Skillfull Hands

By Walter Franczyk

What makes your shop unique? What makes Veranda unique is how people discover right here in downtown Bracebridge affordable, high quality beautiful furnishings to enhance their living space. It is fun seeing clients' delight, when discovering they do not need their own decorator, do not need to go south, do not need to break the bank, but can shop to real advantage locally...

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Inspired Spaces

By Walter Franczyk

The Place: Veranda in downtown Bracebridge links a pleasing collection of furniture and furnishings in four showrooms: Home, Lodge, Cottage and Retreat.

The Style: Owned by Elise Boyer, the shop offers an inviting Muskoka blend of heritage and contemporary – from pressed-tin ceilings and hand-carved beams to clean ...

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Bracebridge Examiner

Local Business Owner
Keeps Building’s Historical
Past Intact and on Display

By Lisa Gillan

A mysterious part of Bracebridge’s past is now on display to the public.

“It needed a lot of work, but I realized that it was so historically significant that I should probably open it up to the public, and try to do as little as possible to change ...

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Muskoka Life

Fresh Livable Style

By Patti Vipond

Decorator Elise Boyer knows that colour and texture, when used tastefully in home décor, have the power to create beauty and a harmonious flow from room to room. As owner of Veranda, an affordable and beautiful home furnishings, art and accessories store in Bracebridge, Elise attends design shows and liaises with innovative furniture companies...

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The Bridge

The Bridge to Prosperity

When Elise Boyer first moved to Bracebridge it was for love – not for the town, but for a man who came into her Huntsville store VERANDA shopping for white wicker furniture for his Bracebridge home. Months later, they eloped in Vancouver and once back in Muskoka, she sold the business she had operated for more than a decade, and moved to Bracebridge...

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