Alpaca Dryer Balls 3 pack (1 box in stock)

$16.00 $32.00

Alpaca Dryer Balls 3 pack (1 box in stock)

$16.00 $32.00
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$16.00 $32.00
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    A natural, reusable fabric softener that will change your laundry forever. These alpaca balls are hand-made one-by-one by a cooperative of skilled, female Peruvian artisans in collaboration with their local alpaqueros (alpaca farmers). Alpaca dryer balls eliminate the need for toxic, disposable dryer sheets. These natural alpaca balls are more effective than industrial dryer sheets at softening laundry, reducing static, and removing wrinkles with added benefits of reduced dryer time, energy use, and household cost. Simply add 3 alpaca balls to a regular load, and without harming your dryer, unraveling, or stressing and staining your clothing the balls will absorb moisture and increase air circulation. This reduces dryer time while replacing the harsh chemicals used in conventional dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls. With a lifetime of over 500 loads, reusable alpaca balls represent a highly-valuable 1-time-only cost. Set of 3.

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